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We believe electricity should be cost effective, regularly available, decentralized as well as sustainable and you should be able to use it when you, your business or your family wants to and not when or municipality or electricity provider allows you to. We achieve this by utilising our vast inhouse knowledge and expertise to follow a strict process guided by strong engineering principals to provide the best yet cost effect services, designs and products to best suit the client’s requirements, budget and lifestyle within the Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, UPS and Back-Up industry.

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Project Feasibility

Renewable energy, energy efficiency and power security projects are usually high CAPEX project which result in excellent savings when it comes to operation cost either through reducing and supplementing the company’s energy consumption as well as ensuring business continuity through periods of grid unavailability. A project feasibility study can save both time and money, due to the relatively high upfront capital cost, by analysing the physical business or homes location and construction as well as certain key financial aspects.

Renewable Energy and Backup Power Project Feasibility for your Home and Business

Site Assesment

The site layout and construction can have a large impact on the performance of any system.

Site Assessment for Renewable Energy and Backup Power Projects for your Home and Business

Energy Audit

As with anything in life, before you can manage, reduce, optimise and secure a project, one first needs to measure and understand. The same is true with regards to your home or business energy consumption through means of an energy audit.

Energy Audit for your Home and Business

Requirement Definition

In order to compare apples with apples one needs to start from the same base. To obtain comparable quotes from reputable suppliers it is essential to understand the needs and requirements of the client as well as to translate the requirements into technical terms in the form of a Requirements Specification.

Renewable Energy and Backup Power Project Requirements Specifications for your Home and Business

Proposal or Quotation Analysis

The next and very important step is to analyse the quotations or proposals from various suppliers. The quotations need to be analysed on a technical as well as a financial basis.

Renewable Energy and Backup Power Projects Proposal or Quotation Analysis for your Home and Business

Project Support

Selecting the best possible offering which is in line with the budget, as well as the requirements of the client, it is important however it is equally important that the implementation of the project is done correctly and is of a high quality.

Renewable Energy and Backup Power Project Support for your Home and Business

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EEC (Effectual Energy Consultants) is an innovative and modern engineering firm specialising in Renewable Energy, Power Security, Business Continuity, Energy Efficiency, Smart Automation and Project Feasibility. EEC strives to offer effective, efficient and affordable consulting engineering services to end users as well as product and solution providers with the goal of assisting our clients and partners to achieve excellence in the following fields: Renewable Energy, Power Security, Business Continuity, Energy Efficiency and Smart Automation.

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